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Yogi's Cakes is committed to delivering outstanding customer service. As we want your experience with us to run as smoothly as possible please read the information below.

Initial Consultations

Consultations are by appointment only. Appointments can be made via email or telephone request. We do not charge for this service. Appointments last for a maximum of one hour and are for a maximum of 4 people.

Telephone Bookings

You can also call us if you need to discuss any aspects of your cake before making a booking. Bookings can also be made over the phone without a personal consultation.

Design Quotes

All quotes for cakes are bespoke and based on size, type, complexity of design, labour and additional charges (delivery etc). Quotes are non-negotiable and valid for a period of 1 month. We do not ‘price match’ as our prices reflect the high standard of work and quality of ingredients used. We are happy to discuss alternative design options if quotes are under/over your budget.


On booking your cake we require a 30% deposit. This deposit is non-refundable should you cancel your order for any reason. One Week prior to your event you will receive an invoice for the remainder. The balance must be cleared two days before the collection or delivery of your cake otherwise your order will be void.


We are happy to make alterations to your cake design and order up to 4 days prior to your delivery/collection date. Please be aware that this may affect the balance due and your final invoice will be adjusted accordingly. Any changes made after this date are made at Yogi's Cakes discretion. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your cake order, please give us a call.

Advanced Bookings

If you are making advanced booking and having a consultation at a later date a £10 deposit is required for a standard celebration cake. This charge will be deducted from your final invoice.


All deposits are non-refundable. Once the balance has been paid, work will commence on your cake. If your order is cancelled less than 7 days prior to the due date 25% of the full amount will be refunded. No refunds are offered for cakes cancelled 2 days prior to the due date.


If requested we will deliver your cake to your venue at a pre-arranged time. Delivery is charged based on distance and will be finalised with the initial cake quote. Free local (within 2 miles of Bolton City centre) delivery is offered customer spends over £40 in a single order. Quotes for any other deliveries around the UK can be provided on request. All our cakes are delivered boxed whenever possible however please be aware that they may be delivered unboxed if they are extreme in shape or have fragile decorations protruding from the main cake. In the unlikely event of a late delivery (after the start of the wedding breakfast/main event), delivery costs will be refunded or compensation given at the Yogis’ Cakes discretion. Please be aware that Yogi’s Cakes cannot be held responsible for late delivery due to extreme traffic delays or other factors beyond our control.

Extreme Conditions

In the rare event of severe weather conditions, public unrest, or other unexpected events, your celebration venue may become inaccessible. We will do our best to deliver as pre-arranged and will always consult with you if difficulties do arise. However for these rare and extreme circumstances wedding/party insurance may give you some peace of mind. Yogi’s Cakes reserve the right to make changes to your cake design if circumstances beyond our control will compromise the quality of the finished cake (eg melting due to weather conditions).

Set Up

Setting your cake up at the venue is optional but recommended. There may be additional charges for Yogi’s Cakes to set up your cake at your venue or event. Alternatively we can leave your cake with the catering team (on their acceptance) at no additional cost. Some cakes orders may be subject to set up only. If your cake is particularly irregular, gravity defying or has more than 4 tiers the cake will need assembling and finishing at the location. You will be advised of this during your consultation and quote (charges may apply)

Accidental Damage

Please be aware that cakes are extremely fragile by nature and difficult to transport. Although the upmost care is taken to ensure cakes are stable and transported carefully by Yogi’s Cakes, accidents can happen during delivery or set up. In these unfortunate circumstances every effort will be made to repair the cake and it is at the discretion of Yogi’s Cakes to offer refunds based on the damage incurred. Yogi’s Cakes cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred to the cake once it has been left in the care of the venue (photographs on final set up will always be taken by Yogi’s Cakes). If any damage is caused to the cake after it has left our possession, then you can advise us and request a repair (availability permitting). Any time/costs/transport for repairs will be charged as appropriate.


Cakes can also be collected from the Yogi’s Cakes base at your convenience. All cakes that are to be collected are carefully boxed (if possible). We would always recommend picking up your cake in a vehicle and preferably with someone to help you. Tiered cakes can be very heavy. We are happy to help you transport the cake into your car but Yogi’s Cakes do not take any responsibility for any damage that may occur to the cake once it has left our studio, including during transportation. Please be aware that once the cake has left the Yogi’s Cakes premises we cannot be held responsible for any damages that may occur whilst in your care and are under no obligation to provide repairs.

Stand Hire

Yogi’s Cakes hire out many different stands on which to display your cake. Please just ask to see our full range during your consultation. We ask for a refundable £50 - £100 deposit. This is payable with your final cake payment. We ask that all stands are returned to Yogi’s Cakes base by prior arrangement a maximum of 5 days after the event. This is because we may need it for another client. If this time is exceeded and the stand is still returned only 50% of the deposit is refunded. If stands are returned damaged or with pieces missing your deposit is forfeited. Protective boxes and wrapping are provided when you hire a stand and they MUST be returned in this box. If you choose to return stands via the postal system they must packaged appropriately. Yogi’s Cakes takes no responsibility for any damage caused by couriers or Royal Mail and your deposit will be forfeited.


We would always recommend sugar flowers for a cake however fresh flowers can be used to decorate your cake. We will liaise with your florist (florist charges are separate). Please be aware that some flowers are not suitable for cake decoration, or may be toxic if eaten. All foliage must be removed before serving. Any cross-contamination to your cake due to flowers is not our responsibility.

Inedible items

All tiered cakes contain internal food safe plastic supports. At the request of the client, cakes sometimes contain inedible items such as toppers, ribbons, flowers and feathers etc. These items must be removed before serving. Yogi’s Cakes does not accept responsibility for any harm these items might cause.

Dietary Requirements

We are happy to cater for a wide range of food allergies and intolerance's. ‘Free From’ eggs, nuts, alcohol, animal derived ingredients, lactose and wheat are all common requests. However please note that all of these ingredients, including nuts, are frequently used in the Yogi’s Cake kitchen. Please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for any ingredient contaminated at source, or any harm that may occur. If you are unsure, please just ask.

Portion guide

Please note portion guides are based on specific measurements and portion quantity may vary depending on how the cake is divided by the caterer/venue.

Best Before Date

All cakes are baked to ensure they are fresh on the date of your event and are best consumed on the day, or within 1 or 2 days. All of our cakes are made with natural ingredients and do not contain preservatives and therefore do not have the extended shelf life of supermarket cakes. Although the cakes are safe to be frozen Yogi’s Cakes cannot guarantee quality after freezing. Please note that cakes with sugar paste (fondant) coverings cannot be refrigerated as it will cause condensation to form on the surface and may cause colours to bleed.


If you have any comments or concerns regarding your cake please notify us on delivery so that we have the opportunity to rectify in time for your event. If you are unavailable then the events manager/ venue organiser will be responsible for checking the cakes condition.

All other concerns should be made in writing and evidence of the faults must be provided. A refund will only be considered if the uneaten cakes are returned within 2 days and are deemed as unsuitable for consumption / not as described in quote, at the discretion of Yogi's Cakes.

Photography of Cakes

All cakes produced by Yogi's Cakes are subject to copyright however photographs can be taken for personal use. Yogi's Cakes reserves the right to use photographs of your cake for marketing and advertising purposes.

Terms and conditions are subject to change, please refer to for the latest terms and conditions.

Thank you for choosing Yogi's Cakes